Below you will find just a small sample of the projects we accomplish each year. 

A Network Services Company - Fiberutilities Group - FG

Fiberutilities Group — FG

Fiberutilities Group, commonly know as ‘FG’ is a complete suite of offerings for medical and hospital locations. They provide network services, device inventory and management, and lastly the ability to help hospitals qualify for federal funding and subsidy.   Everconnect worked with FG leadership and development team to ingest and process MANY different types of invoices.…

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Leading Edge Admin - Third Party Health Benefits Administration

Leading Edge Admin

Leading Edge Admin is a Third Party Health Benefits Administration. They have access to a critical vendor database for some of their reporting. The issue was that they only had read only and could not create indexes, views, functions and stored procedures in the vendor database. This posed a problem for Leading Edge Admin as…

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Material Manufacturing or Distributor Company - Barnhardt Manufacturing

Barnhardt Manufacturing

Barnhardt Manufacturing has been in the material and upholstery business since the early 1900’s.    Everconnect came into help them sink their financial software to their report applications. This required Everconnect to write hundreds of SSIS packages and tune many stored procedures and views in their existing database.    Lastly Barnhardt was so comfortable with…

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OMNIFlow Water

Omniflow Water was interested in working with Everconnect to setup a IOT data warehouse. This consisted of Azure hosting and configuration. Everconnect utilized Tuya APIs to collect IOT data from their water devices, create a database warehouse and built dashboards (and reports) for all the device info using PowerBI.  Everconnect also styled these reports to…

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Saint Francis Health System

Saint Francis Health System was interested in a full database inventory.  We accomplished this by inventorying 300 database servers and nearly 3000 databases. We identified business owners and decommission candidates. This resulted in saving over 5TB of unneeded space and maintenance. This saves considerable costs and streamlines the Change Control process . BACK TO CASE…

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Grandview - Writers, Directors, Actors, and Creators All Under One Roof


Grandview was interested in working with Everconnect to setup a complete booking database and web application. This consisted of Azure hosting and configuration and importing existing booking data into the new booking system. This allowed Grandview to manage their data more efficiency and ensure reliability.   BACK TO CASE STUDIES ShareShareTweetPin

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