Cloud Migrations

Efficient and Secure Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration consultants will plan, strategize, and manage your entire cloud migration down to the finest detail, to ensure your data is secure during the process, and you experience minimal operational disruption.

Optimize and reduce your cloud expenditure

Fast implementation and efficient migrations

Access to certified cloud engineers

Architect your entire cloud migration strategy

Secure data transfer services

The cloud will help your people work smarter, not harder

The cloud is not just about technology. It is about the people who use it, and how they work. Migrating to cloud technology can help you build a more connected workforce, where your people can collaborate from wherever they are, with tools that let them access and share data across your organization. 

At Everconnect, we understand that migrating to the cloud is the best way to up your people management game. This means that your employees can be more productive, innovative, and engaged.

The cloud provides people with a great platform to do their job well, and helps them to be more productive and efficient. When you have access to real-time information from your employees, you’re able to create a more connected, engaged workforce that’s happier, more productive and better able to deliver results.

Our cloud migration engineers will give you access to new tools that help you manage your workforce more effectively, including CRM systems, employee self-service tools, project management tools, and performance analytics tools. 

With Everconnect’s cloud migration services, you’re not only saving money, you’re empowering your people and helping them work smarter, not harder.

We’ll handle your entire cloud migration strategy with expertise and care

The cloud is a powerful tool. It provides businesses with an easy way to store, share, and manage data. In addition, it can reduce costs and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for expensive, bulky on-premises IT infrastructure.

However, cloud migration is a difficult and often disruptive process. Not only do you need to move data, applications, and infrastructure, you also need to ensure all the security requirements are met, and that there are no gaps in coverage.

At Everconnect, we understand this reality, and will take care of the entire end-to-end process so that you can focus on your daily operations. Our cloud engineers will start by assessing your current cloud or on-premises environment to identify any gaps in coverage. Next, we design a plan to migrate your data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud as quickly and efficiently as possible. Finally, we’ll implement the plan to smoothly shift your chosen data and applications with minimal disruption to your business operations, reducing the risk of any downtime.

After the migration, our experienced cloud engineers will ensure that everything runs smoothly with ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your new cloud environment.

With a team of experienced cloud migration technicians, we can handle the entire process – initial consulting, developing the timeframe, anticipating challenges and defining objectives, delivering achievement, and continuous management and support.

Whether you need an on-premises to cloud migration, want to switch providers, or need a complete overhaul of your current cloud infrastructure, our cloud experts have all the knowledge, experience, and cloud migration tools to make your move simple and painless.

When you choose Everconnect for your move to the cloud, you will be able to focus on the important things in your business, while we take care of your digital transformation.

From lift-and-shift or on-premises to cloud, migrations have never been easier with Everconnect

Connecting to the cloud is a complex undertaking. There are many considerations to be made before, during, and after the transfer. From deciding which provider offers the best fit for your business, to whether you need to upgrade your hardware or software, there are a lot of factors that can impact the outcome.

With our custom cloud migration consulting services, Everconnect can provide a comprehensive analysis of your current IT environment and business processes to determine the best approach for your migration journey. Our cloud engineers will work with you every step of the way to provide detailed guidance on how to best achieve your business goals.

Our cloud migration services include:

Everconnect: providing the custom cloud migration services you need

Everconnect is a California-based managed IT service provider, specializing in cloud migrations for businesses in California and across the U.S. We work closely with you and your people so that we can deliver the exact services and solutions you need for your business to grow and thrive.

One size does not fit all when it comes to cloud-based solutions. With Everconnect, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back. As experts in the field, we understand the importance of privacy and security, and our team is committed to protecting your information at all times. 

As an MSP, we also offer a full range of managed IT services, including IT support, managed security services, IT consulting, and much more. No matter how complex your business’s IT needs are, we have the solutions to match.

Don’t delay your digital transformation any longer. Talk to the cloud migration consultants at Everconnect and discover how you can modernize and scale your business to new levels.

Cloud Migrations FAQ: what you need to know

What is a cloud migration?

A cloud migration is a highly customized process that involves the transfer of data, applications, and systems from one cloud provider to another, or from on-premises infrastructure to cloud infrastructure. The goal of a cloud migration is to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and reduce cost. A successful cloud migration depends on several factors, including the technology platform, security posture, and processes.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t just about moving a computer network to another location; it involves changing how you use IT tools, and keeping the right security in place.

Cloud migration can be accomplished either by migrating all of your company's data and systems to a cloud service provider, or by moving just some of your data to the cloud while maintaining your other systems on-premises.

Why should I move to the cloud?

Cloud computing makes it easier for businesses to access IT resources from anywhere, anytime. It means having the ability to access your email, website, and other apps from any device with an internet connection. 

It offers flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down as needed, and gives you more flexibility in terms of hardware and software configuration.

The cloud also allows you to quickly provision new resources and services without having to wait for development or maintenance teams, and provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that data is stored safely and accessible only by authorized users.

Cloud storage is usually cheaper than traditional solutions like hard drives or tape backups. Businesses can also save money on maintenance costs by only having to pay for what they use rather than buying extra space upfront.

What should I consider when migrating to the cloud?

When considering whether to move your business to the cloud, there are a number of things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to think about your company’s current IT infrastructure, and ensure that you can adequately support any cloud migration. If your current IT environment is not well-designed for cloud computing, this could cause a number of problems. 

You should also be prepared for any potential downtime that might occur during the migration process. By partnering with an experienced cloud migration services provider, you can minimize the risk of downtime and disruption to your business.

Finally, be sure to consider the costs associated with running your business on the cloud, as well as any additional fees that will be incurred as part of the migration process.