Data integration trends in 2022

The future of data integration is bright. This year’s integration technologies are more advanced than ever, and we are about to witness exponential growth in the next few years.  According to a recent survey by Verified Market Research, the data integration market size is expected to reach $22.28 billion by 2028 – up from $9.26…

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Ransomware - Arctic Wolf Networks

Common database vulnerabilities

Databases are extremely attractive targets for cybercriminals due to the sensitive and valuable information they contain. This data can range from intellectual property, financial information, to personal user data and mission critical business data. A database vulnerability is a weakness in the security of your database that allows unauthorized access. This can lead to data…

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Data center - Server

Query profiling in SQL: is it important?

Query profiling is a vital process for any SQL database. It helps in understanding the performance of queries and tuning them accordingly. Businesses are increasingly moving towards using SQL servers in order to manage their data. This is because of the benefits it provides such as data security, better performance and scalability. With this, companies…

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