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The collaboration hub to enhance your team’s working and communicative capabilities.

Streamline collaboration

Boost engagement

Improve cost efficiency

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Microsoft Teams is your one-stop shop for teamwork and collaboration

Your employees are your greatest asset, and with the right tools, they can engage and communicate from anywhere to do their jobs smarter and better.

Providing your employees with a secure, cloud-based collaboration and communication platform will give them the tools they need to stay connected and productive throughout the day. This will empower them to take ownership for their own work and feel more engaged in your company’s mission and goals.
By combining the power of messaging, voice, video, and real-time collaboration into one platform, Microsoft Teams allows organizations to create a more cohesive workplace experience by providing an all-in-one hub.

Everconnect’s Microsoft Teams consulting services provides expert advice, support, and guidance on how best to use this software so that it enhances your business’s efficiency, productivity, and workflows.
Microsoft Teams will give your people the opportunities to network and build social connections within your organization, leading to increased job satisfaction, higher retention rates, and greater employee engagement overall.

Let our Microsoft Teams consultants enable your employees to work in a modern workplace with enhanced collaborative and communicative capabilities that will bring your team together, no matter their locations.

Optimizing your modern workplace for maximum efficiency

Collaboration is vital for all businesses, whether you are working on a large project or need everyone’s input on an regular basis. When people can share information seamlessly, they are able to work more efficiently.

Teams is the next generation collaboration tool from Microsoft. It combines real-time communication and archival capabilities, allowing teams to stay in sync and work together more efficiently. Microsoft Teams can be used by start-ups and established enterprises alike, with a range of features to boost productivity, including easy sharing of documents, video and audio calls, and text messaging, as well as a number of collaboration tools for team members to access.

Everconnect’s Microsoft consulting services can help you get started with Teams. We will work with you to assess your business needs and develop a strategy as you move forward, as well as implement and monitor the progress of those changes so that your organization can benefit from them as much as possible.

By partnering with our experienced Microsoft consultants, you can ensure that your Microsoft Teams environment is optimized for your company’s needs. Teams is an essential tool for businesses looking to simplify collaboration, and get more done in less time.

A centralized, simplified location for your remote workforce

As a cloud-based working space, Microsoft Teams is perfectly positioned to bring your remote working team closer. Its cloud computing services are designed to provide your team with an easy-to-use solution that enables them to collaborate and communicate seamlessly.

With Teams, you can quickly create a conversation with anyone from across your organization, connect with people on multiple channels, and access resources like files, calendars, and apps. It also offers powerful business tools like task management, real-time updates, and meeting scheduling.

As a leading Microsoft partner, Everconnect’s Teams specialists can implement the cloud platform into your workforce, train your users on best practices, and manage your entire Microsoft 365 environment for maximum usability and security.

Our services include:

Everconnect: the Microsoft Teams consulting services that will enhance your remote workforce

Everconnect is a leading managed IT service provider delivering a wide range of IT support services and solutions to businesses in California and nationwide.

As a technology company that knows how to build and operate a modern workplace, we can provide everything you need to make your team successful with our own on-premises software, experienced consultants, and shared service models.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace centered around communication and collaboration that enables a closer working environment, regardless where your people are based. Our consultants have vast experience helping companies set up their Microsoft Teams accounts and ensure they are ready to maximize the benefits of this premium platform.

Let us help you get the most out of your cloud computing platform so you can implement a modern workplace that streamlines the way your people work, communicate, and deliver services to your customers.

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Microsoft Teams FAQ

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications and collaboration service offered by Microsoft. It allows users to communicate in real time with people from all over the world, to collaborate on projects in a virtual environment, and to share files and documents. 

It’s a cloud-based service that allows employees to communicate through text chat, and voice and video calls, as well as collaborate on documents together in real time. 

Teams is ideal for business meetings, as it allows people from outside the organization to attend video or voice calls, share screens, and deliver PowerPoint presentations. It also provides robust built-in security features, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Is Teams integrated with Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Teams is the main chat and collaboration tool in the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. It’s integrated with many other Microsoft products, including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Dynamics 365.

Microsoft includes Teams as part of many of its subscription services, and can be accessed on any device – PC, cell phone, and even smart watches.

Is Microsoft Teams different to Skype?

Teams combines the best of Skype and Microsoft’s Outlook email service. Teams offers features that are not available on Skype, including improved call quality, and features for business meetings, audio and video conferencing, as well as group messaging, and project and task management.

As well as being more suitable for business use, Teams is more reliable than Skype, with fewer interruptions and less lag time between messages.